Dear Friend:


I have a question for you.


Since you've been in business for yourself, have you ever struggled, felt lost, or just didn't know what to do next to grow your business?


I have. And, not too long ago.


What I'm about to share with you is very personal. But, it's for a reason.


My name is Craig Valine. I'm known as the  "[Former] Struggling Consultant" and I'm the Founder of EMP Alliance


A little over three years ago, I moved to Las Vegas with blind love and enthusiasm. Prior to making the decision to move, things were going great for me. However, as soon as I made the decision to move, things started to go bad: Mentally, emotionally, financially, physically, and spiritually.


I won't go into great detail about what happened. I had great intentions of coming back to Pasadena once or twice a month to visit my son, facilitate my Mastermind, and see friends. Although it was challenging for me, I was able to do that up until December of 2018. 


Then, in early January 2019, I found out my bank account was closed, my phone was turned off, some income streams weren't working anymore... All of a sudden, I experienced my first panic attack of many to come.


I asked myself:


"How am I going to fix this?"
"How am I ever going to recover from this?" 


For the next four months, I felt helpless and hopeless. Every day, I asked God to just end this, once and for all. I struggled every morning to get out of bed. My body shivered in panic every moment I was awake. I lost 20 pounds because I couldn't eat.


Come late April 2019, I realized that if I didn't make it back for my Mastermind group, I was going to lose it. 


I had to borrow money from a dear friend in order to make it out. When I told my girlfriend at the time that I'm going to be away for a few days, she said,


"I think we're done. Why don't you go back and stay there."


(Insert sounds of my heart being crushed :( 


On the way back, having panic attacks all the way along the desert back to LA, I'm thinking to myself, "What am I going to do? Where am I going to live?"


I made it back to my Mastermind meeting and was welcomed back with great love and true concern about my well-being. After all, they hadn't seen me in four months. I looked different. I had lost over 20 pounds and my body was shaking because of the panic attacks. 


But, most wonderful thing of all: I felt like my family had welcomed me home after being at war for eight months. 


A month or two later, having lunch after our Monthly Mastermind meeting, a long-time member shared the discussion they all had about me while I was gone. "Craig is obviously going through something. I think we need to stand by him and support him anyway we can."


Wow! Just, wow.


What incredible loving support from some incredible people - MEMBERS who, by the way, have been in my life for 14 years. 


These EMP Alliance members are NOT just members; they are family. I've got their back, and they have mine.


Pretty freakin' awesome. Wouldn't you say? 


I have been gifted by God, these wonderful people, and I'd do anything for them.


And that goes for you. 


I don't know if you're super-successful, if you're just getting by, or if you're feeling lost.


Wherever you are, my commitment to you is to help you any way I can - IF you're willing.


Willingness to seek help and accept help is the secret to success.


This is Why I Created EMP Alliance


To bring entrepreneurs and professionals together, like you, to help you grow fast and dramatically, get control of your business, gain clarity of what you want to achieve, and feel confident in the process.


If you're one of those entrepreneurs or professionals who has a desire for more success and greatness from your business... I encourage you to become an EMP Alliance VIP today. 

So, let me tell you about our EMP Alliance VIP program so you can make an informed decision about whether it’s right for you.


What I’m not going to do is tell you that by becoming an EMP Alliance VIP you’ll quadruple your sales overnight.


You don’t need hype.


You need to hear how the membership works and how it could help you grow your business faster, how it can relieve entrepreneurial stress you may be feeling, how it can put more money in your pocket, and how it can help you create a business that supports the lifestyle you desire.


So let’s talk about who will get the most value from being an EMP Alliance VIP.


If you are a Consultant, Coach, Advisor, or sell professional services of any kind, this program might be right for you.


All of my businesses, including when I was a professional copywriter... to the Done-for-You marketing services I offer today:

  • Involve attracting quality leads…
  • Doing consultations and meetings with prospects…
  • Closing the sale…
  • Delivering the service…
  • Getting referrals…
  • And generating repeat business.

I know what I’m talking about when it comes to marketing and selling professional services.


Who This is For (and Who it's NOT For...)


The EMP Alliance VIP membership is NOT ideal for you if you own:

  • A start-up
  • Retail or
  • E-commerce business.

There are people more qualified to help you in those areas and you should seek them out.


To get maximum value and results from being an EMP Alliance VIP, the most crucial factor is, well, YOU.

  • You need to enjoy what you do, be good at it and genuinely want to serve your customers, patients, or clients.
  • You need to have drive and ambition; a hunger to do better than you’re doing now.
  • You need to have a passion for discovering new ideas, strategies, and systems…

That will make a difference in your business and your life.

  • You need to have fire in the belly to implement and the willingness to take action on what you discover, because it’s action and implementation, not just knowledge that’s going to take you from where you are to where you want to be.
  • You need to have resolve and the determination to keep moving forward despite what obstacles you encounter.

If that sounds like you, you may have found a home as an EMP Alliance VIP.

The goal of the EMP Alliance VIP membership is to give you guidance, support, and “tools” you need to help you:

  • Solve your marketing problems...and get unstuck once and for all;
  • Attract qualified prospects... who are eager and predisposed to doing business with you;
  • Sell more of your products and services... to generate more revenue and profit;
  • Scale your business faster... so you can reach your goals in the fastest time possible;
  • Create more freedom and autonomy... to do business on your own terms so you can create the lifestyle you want for you and your family.

So let’s talk about how we go about accomplishing those goals.


There Are Three Primary Building Blocks
That Make Up My EMP Alliance VIP membership


>>> The first is our Monthly LIVE Virtual Power Events where you, me, and your fellow VIPs meet via Zoom.


Typically, I start each power event by sharing with you something that’s working now that you can use now and can help you. Then, VIPs can ask questions of the other members and me. You can run your ideas by us, get your problems solved, get strategic guidance, and more.


By the way, even if you don’t have a question, you’ll still get tremendous value just from tuning in.


VIPs tell me that some of their most significant breakthroughs come from hearing advice other VIPs get.


We record the virtual power events, so if you can’t make it live, no worries.


>>> The Second Building Block is monthly EMP Results Masterclasses.


Each masterclass is hyper-focused on either, attracting more leads, closing more sales, getting more referrals, generating cash flow surges, or, enhancing marketing performance, systematizing your marketing or sales processes…


All, so you make more money in less time and with less effort.


Each masterclass is about 30-60 minutes long, and it’ll take you about the same time to implement the strategy to start getting results.


As I said, you don’t need a bunch of information; you need implementation.


So, whenever appropriate, you’ll receive tools and templates that make implementation faster and easier.


Some of the previous Masterclasses you'll find in our VIP Member Portal, include: 

  • 10 Money Now Strategies To Generate Quick Cash for Your Business
  • How to Add [At Least] 10 More Referrals to Your Business Each Month
  • How to Get and Keep Your Customers Attention
  • How to Inspire Confidence with Your Customers without Testimonials
  • 10 Rock Solid Ways That Nearly Guarantee Increase Growth and Profits
  • 8 Ways to Use Celebrities in Your Marketing... Without Spending a Fortune!
  • The Outrageous Marketing Strategies and Tactics of EMP Honorary Life Member, Dr. Brian Bergh
  • How to Show Up Like No One Else
  • And, much more!

>>> The third Building Block of the EMP Alliance VIP membership is Zoom Office 'Power' Hours.


Once a month, on the FOURTH Thursday of each month from 3pm to 4pm, I set aside time to talk with my VIPs via a special Members-Only Zoom Link. When you come on, you receive 1-on-1 Coaching with me on anything related to building your business for up to 30 minutes.


As you can see, I’ve designed the EMP Alliance VIP membership to help the right entrepreneur:

  • Attract more qualified clients
  • Sell more of your products and services 
  • Grow and/or Scale your business 

And, most importantly,

  • Create a business that serves you instead of the other way around.

If that sounds good and you’ve liked what you heard, I invite you to become an EMP Alliance VIP.


As of right now, the investment is only $97 per month.


Why So Inexpensive?


I made this affordable so anyone serious about their success could join.

When you enroll now, you get instant access to a $197 special edition masterclass titled:

“How to Grow Your Business Exponentially: Secrets to Increasing Growth and Boosting Profits Now.”


This masterclass will quickly get you up to speed on my methodology and give you tools and strategies to produce results you can see in your bank account very quickly.


If you decide to take the Annual Membership option,


You get TWO MONTHS of the EMP Alliance VIP membership for FREE,


PLUS, an additional $297 online course titled:


“Time Management Strategies for Entrepreneurs: How to Be More Effective by Being More Militant with Your Time.”


You’ll discover the time management and productivity secrets I’ve adopted in my life that took me from being distracted and held captive by phone calls, social media, and things outside my control to getting more done in three hours than most get done in a full work day.


These are principles any entrepreneur or professional can take to Be More Effective by Being More Militant with Your Time, each and every day.


Please note, there are no refunds, but you can cancel and leave the EMP Alliance at any time.


With that said, I want to help entrepreneurs who are committed to their success, not those who jump from shiny object to shiny new object or from marketing guru to marketing guru.


Listen, I do not consider myself to be a “guru.” I’m an entrepreneur just like you, who has been a serious student and practitioner of sales and marketing for over 30 years.


I will be the first to admit: I do not have all the answers. But the truth is, I do have many of them, and I believe that those answers can help you have the business and lifestyle you truly desire.


Thanks again for reading, and if the EMP Alliance VIP membership seems right for you, I invite you to select one of the options available and enroll now below:

Monthly Membership

  • Surround Yourself with Other Like-Minded, Driven Entrepreneurs at our Monthly Online EMP Power Events
  • Discover Money-Making and Business Growth Strategies You Can Use Right Now with our Monthly "EMP Results" Masterclasses
  • Communicate, Collaborate, and Bond with EMP Alliance VIP members in our Private Members-Only Facebook Group
  • $197 Bonus Training: How to Grow Your Business Exponentially: 7 Secrets to Increasing Growth and Boosting Profits Now

Investment: $97/month

Annual Membership
(Get Two Months FREE!)

  • Surround Yourself with Other Like-Minded, Driven Entrepreneurs at our Monthly Online EMP Power Events
  • Discover Money-Making and Business Growth Strategies You Can Use Right Now with our Monthly "EMP Results" Masterclasses
  • Communicate, Collaborate, and Bond with EMP Alliance VIP members in our Private Members-Only Facebook Group
  • $197 Bonus Training: How to Grow Your Business Exponentially: 7 Secrets to Increasing Growth and Boosting Profits Now
  • $297 Bonus Training: Time Management Strategies for Entrepreneurs. How to Get More Done by Being Militant with Your Time

Investment: $970/year

Remember that our mission is to help you grow your business, relieve entrepreneurial stress, put more money in your pocket, and help you create a business that supports the lifestyle you desire.


Together, we can make that happen. If that sounds good, become a EMP Alliance VIP now.


Dedicated to helping you multiply your profits in 2021 (and beyond),


Craig Valine